30-Day Challenge

Way back in February I wrote a short post about “Getting back on the Horse” when it comes to writing. The struggle of finishing an emotionally-charged project kept me on the sidelines for weeks that turned into months. Prior to that I made a very public Facebook announcement that I was serious about becoming a professional writer and that I was going to be blogging away at light speed.  Well that never happened and the more I procrastinated writing, the more defeated I became.

Today I finally finished the story that had been plaguing me for almost a year and I feel liberated. I also have been reading a blog by Jeff Goins. He writes for the writer and encourages all those committed to the written word to write daily. Daily? And not only that, but to PUBLISH daily–basically to blog, or put your words out to the public on a daily basis. Oh, and did I mention that he also recommends writing 500 words a day? That may not seem like a lot but when you’re trying to find your “voice” it can seem daunting (this post is 194 words so far, but who’s counting?).

Last night I joined the Chattanooga Writers’ Guild as another push to hold me accountable to my desire to be a writer…wait, more than that…an author. Meeting others who share the love of writing has been motivating and a little scary.  Can I do this? I keep thinking I can, but then sabotage myself by getting in my own way. Do I really have what it takes to go the distance? Fight through the hard times when the words don’t come easily? I feel a bit like the “Little Engine that Could”…”I think I can, I think I can…” Well now is the time to prove that I can reach for the stars and fight for my dreams.

Today I am committing to publishing a blog post every day for the next 30 days. Now the type-A in me wants to start this goal on the first of the month so I can count off the days in perfect unison with the calendar. I know myself too well that if I wait another two and a half weeks to start, I might just lose my nerve by then. No more excuses! It starts today. I promise that this is my last post about wanting to write, bemoaning my circumstances of why I haven’t written, etc. I will actually write. I am hoping that this challenge will be just the beginning and I will go well past the 30 days, but I am starting small so I can work on setting and completing a goal.

Now, please bear with me as I go through these 30 days. I hope to learn a lot and I want to put forth my best work, but I can’t guarantee earth-shattering brilliance every day. I can guarantee that I will write from the heart and will do my best to honor your time in reading what I have to say. Hmmm…511 words.


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