Operation Iron Man – The Recovery (week 4)

I’m not quite sure how I flew past week three without an update, but I suspect it has something to do with the fevers, hacking coughs, and runny noses that have become the center of our home. I don’t think we are experiencing the flu since no one has been terribly sick. Herb is the only one to avoid the crud so far–thank goodness!

Well we made it to four weeks post-surgery. Herb continues to heal well. We have had some moments of “too much togetherness” and tempers have been a little raw this week. He feels good, but still can’t lift anything or drive. Being so dependent has been hard on him.

Herb had his first physical therapy session yesterday. He worked out while wearing an EKG monitor. Then he attended a lecture on nutrition and healthy living. He will be going three times a week for a total of 36 sessions. We are hopeful that when he sees the surgeon next week, he’ll be cleared to drive so I don’t have to take him to every appointment. That may seem snarky, but with homeschooling, it takes a big chunk out of our day to go to appointments. We have a hard enough time staying on schedule when we’ve got nothing else going on!

Before the surgery I postponed all the kids’ therapy appointments until March so I could be at home if Herb needed me. I have enjoyed not having to be out of the house several times a week. I’m not looking forward to that busy schedule again.

It is often overwhelming trying to keep up with Samantha’s curriculum, taking the little ones to therapy, cleaning the house (which is an epic fail at this point), meals, laundry, etc. The list just seems to go on and on. I remind myself constantly that I can only do what I can do, and that it will all work out in the end. I finally got smart and stopped tracking where we SHOULD be in Samantha’s school work. There is no catching up and trying just leaves us all grumpy and frustrated.

I know I’m not saying anything that every other mom out there hasn’t said at one time or another…”I really need a break!”

But here I am with my head feeling like it’s full of marshmallow fluff, persevering, taking one step at a time. So, I’m wrapping up this wimpy little blog post so I can help my daughter review for a grammar test.

Blessings to you friends. Be kind to yourselves today. Do what you can. Leave the rest in God’s hands. There is always tomorrow to keep working on your list. And if there is no tomorrow, then it really isn’t going to matter if you folded your sheets or matched your socks.








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